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Sales and CRM software for humans

Sales is tough. Your CRM should make life easier.

voltageCRM's Activity Based Forecasting will increase sales forecast accuracy, eliminate hidden risks in your pipeline, and reduce training and onboarding costs.

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Activity-based forecasting

Sales Reports only tell you what happened. voltageCRM tells you WHY.

Our Predictive Analytics give you a Leading Performance Indicator based on your team's historic performance.


Access your CRM and update a record from anywhere, regardless of your device.

Our HTML5 web-app delivers the same great user experince on any device through your browser.

Automated Reporting

Hate filling out sales reports/forecasts? We trained voltageCRM to do it for us, and you too!

voltageCRM understands your sales process & automatically builds the reports you've been putting off doing.


voltageCRM's minimalist design will help you get your job done faster.

Sometimes, less is more.

  • "From an IT perspective voltageCRM is invisible. We never hear complaints or receive tech support calls. With 50 live users, that's impressive."

    Bob Vesely, CTO
  • "Sending quotes to our customers used to be a huge chore. voltageCRM makes it fast and easy... Even from our iPads!"

    Dan Zielnik, Account Manager
  • "voltageCRM is a great tool for providing great customer service, helping us keep organized, and bridging communication gaps."

    Nicole Goetz, Architecture & Design Rep
  • "I like the quick and easy interface. Fewer clicks to where I want to go."

    Carrie Simpson, Business Development Manager

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